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  1. 171- Majorana spin in magnetic atomic chain systems.

    Li J, Jeon S, Xie YL, Yazdani A, and Bernevig BA.

    Physical Review B 97, 125119 (2018).

  2. 172- Structure of the entanglement entropy of (3+1)-dimensional gapped phases of matter.

    Zheng YQ, He H, Bradlyn B, Cano J, Neupert T, and Bernevig BA.

    Physical Review B 97, 195118 (2018).

  3. 173- Magnetic field effect in stripe-ordered 214 (La-1.6_Nd-x(0.4))SrxCuO4 and La-2_xBaxCuO4 superconducting cuprates studied by resonant soft x-ray scattering.

    Blanco-Canosa S, Schierle E, Li ZW, Guo H, Adachi T, Koike Y, Sobolev O, Weschke E, Komarek AC, and Schussler-Langeheine C.

    Physical Review B 97, 195130 (2018).

  4. 174- Electron-phonon coupling and superconductivity in the (4/3)-monolayer of Pb on Si(111): Role of spin-orbit interaction.

    Sklyadneva IY, Heid R, Bohnen KP, Echenique PM, and Chulkov EV.

    Physical Review B 97, 195409 (2018).

  5. 175- Coupled spin and electron-phonon interaction at the Tl/Si(111) surface from relativistic first-principles calculations.

    Garcia-Goiricelaya P, Gurtubay IG, and Eiguren, A.

    Physical Review B 97, 201405 (2018).

  6. 176- Electronic and spin structure of the wide-band-gap topological insulator: nearly stoichiometric Bi2Te2S.

    Annese E, Okuda T, Schwier EF, Iwasawa H, Shimada K, Natamane M, Taniguchi M, Rusinov IP,Eremeev SV, Kokh KA, Golyashov VA, Tereshchenko OE, Chulkov EV, and Kimura A.

    Physical Review B 97, 205113 (2018).

  7. 177- High-pressure phase diagram of hydrogen and deuterium sulfides from first principles: structural and vibrational properties including quantum and anharmonic effects.

    Bianco R, Errea I, Calandra M, and Mauri F.

    Physical Review B 97, 214101 (2018).

  8. 178- Nontrivial interplay of strong disorder and interactions in quantum spin-Hall insulators doped with dilute magnetic impurities.

    Zheng JH, and Cazalilla MA.

    Physical Review B 97, 235402 (2018).

  9. 179- Solid-state magnetic traps and lattices.

    Knoerzer J, Schuetz MJA, Giedke G, Huebl H, Weiler M, Lukin MD, and Cirac JI.

    Physical Review B 97, 235451 (2018).

  10. 180- Organic polaritons enable local vibrations to drive long-range energy transfer.

    Saez-Blazquez R, Feist J, Fernandez-Dominguez AI, and Garcia-Vidal FJ.

    Physical Review B 97, 241407 (2018).

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