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  1. 1- Effective interactions in a graphene layer induced by the proximity to a ferromagnet.

    Phong VT, Walet NR, and Guinea F.

    2D Materials 5, 014004 (2018).

  2. 2- Controlling the layer localization of gapless states in bilayer graphene with a gate voltage.

    Jaskolski W, Pelc M, Bryant GW, Chico L, and Ayuela A.

    2D Materials 5, 025006 (2018).

  3. 3- Acid-base control of valency within carboranedithiol self-assembled monolayers: molecules do the can-can.

    Thomas JC, Goronzy DP, Serino AC, Auluck HS, Irving OR, Jimenez-Izal E, Deirmenjian JM, Machacek J, Sautet P, Alexandrova AN, Base T, and Weiss PS.

    ACS Nano 12, 2211 (2018).

  4. 4- Atomic-scale lightning rod effect in plasmonic picocavities: a classical view to a quantum effect.

    Urbieta M, Barbry M, Zhang Y, Koval P, Sanchez-Portal D, Zabala N, and Aizpurua J.

    ACS Nano 12, 585 (2018).

  5. 5- Special Issue on "Strong Coupling of Molecules to Cavities".

    Barnes B, Vidal FG, and Aizpurua J.

    ACS Photonics 5, 1 (2018).

  6. 6- Plasmon-exciton coupling in symmetry-broken nanocavities.

    Li RQ, Garcia-Vidal FJ, and Fernandez-Dominguez AI.

    ACS Photonics 5, 177 (2018).

  7. 7- Polaritonic chemistry with organic molecules.

    Feist J, Galego J, and Garcia-Vidal FJ.

    ACS Photonics 5, 205 (2018).

  8. 8- Dispersion anisotropy of plasmon-exciton-polaritons in lattices of metallic nanoparticles.

    Ramezani M, Halpin A, Feist J, Van Hoof N, Fernandez-Dominguez AI, Garcia-Vidal FJ, and Rivas JG.

    ACS Photonics 5, 233 (2017).

  9. 9- Hierarchical aging pathways and reversible fragile-to-strong transition upon annealing of a metallic glass former.

    Gallino I, Cangialosi D, Evenson Z, Schmitt L, Hechler S, Stolpe M, and Ruta, B.

    Acta Materialia 144, 400 (2018).

  10. 10- Chemically responsive elastomers exhibiting unity-order refractive index modulation.

    Wu DM, Solomon ML, Naik GV, Garcia-Etxarri A, Lawrence M, Salleo A, and Dionne JA.

    Advanced Materials 30, 1703912 (2018).

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