Course on Neurophysics: From molecular channels to neural networks.

By Prof. Rafael Yuste, Columbia University, NY (USA). 11h30-13h on 19th-23rd March 2018

 The course is an introduction to modern neuroscience with especial emphasis on its connection to physics, both experimentally and theoretically. As a textbook, Prof. Yuste recommends:

that can be found at the DIPC library.

There will be five lectures of one hour and a half each:

  • Monday 19th: Neuronal biophysics
  • Tuesday 20th:  Neural anatomy and development
  • Wednesday 21st: Methods
  • Thursday 22nd: Neural networks
  • Friday 23rd: Neural behavior and open questions


Material for the course can be found at the moodle of the course.

Prof. Yuste is at the origin of the Brain Initiative championed by the Obama administration. Biologically and medically, understanding the working of  brains is of fundamental importance. But the interest of neural science does not stop in our own health, it permeates to fields as distinct as pure mathematics, computer science or condensed-matter physics. Please join us to understand the far reaching consequences of neuronal works in Science and Society.

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