Technological entrepreneurship support by BIC Gipuzkoa and practical experience (start-up)

CIC nanoGUNE Seminars

Esther Paguey, BIC BERRILAN, Project Manager
nanoGUNE seminar room, Tolosa Hiribidea 76, Donostia - San Sebastian
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Technological entrepreneurship support by BIC Gipuzkoa and practical experience (start-up) This seminar is organized in the framework of nanoGUNE’s Training and Technology Transfer plans, and is addressed to all nanoGUNE researchers with the aim of presenting some important grants and services offered by the **BIC Gipuzkoa**. BIC Gipuzkoa offers guidance on the processes of creating new, innovative and/or technology based companies. They act as facilitators in the process of creating new companies, as well as as an active agent in the support and promotion of entrepreneurial culture in Gipuzkoa. Since its creation in 1993, it has become an important engine in regional development, with capacity to anticipate, adapt and respond to the concrete needs of new entrepreneurs and businesses in Gipuzkoa, inspiring innovation, qualification and consolidation of the business activity of its geographic surroundings, and in extensive collaboration with the Technology Centers, Private and Public Institutions and Universities. In this seminar, **BIC Gipuzkoa** will introduce the resources they are offering to boost entrepreneurial ideas within the research community, including grants, trainings, and other services. Furthermore, they will also present some real experiences of regional start-up companies, such as Onena Medicines S.L. We will also have the pleasure to listen to **Neethan A. Lobo** , co-founder of Onena Medicines S.L., about his experience as a entrepreneur. Neethan Lobo (PhD) has over 20 years of scientific discovery experience and 8 years of industry experience. After working for a few years at GlaxoSmithKline in microbiology drug discovery, Neethan completed his doctoral training at the University of Michigan studying normal and cancer stem cell biology in the laboratory of Dr. Michael F. Clarke, the pioneer of cancer stem cells in solid tumors. During his post-doctoral work at Stanford University, Neethan co- invented a state-of-the-art single cell transcriptional platform that he used to uncover mechanisms that drive drug resistance. This work served as the basis of the spin-out company Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where Neethan spearheaded the biological modeling and platform development. After Quanticel?s successful acquisition by Celgene Corporation for $100 million USD upfront and $385 million in future milestones, Neethan worked at Celgene Quanticel Research in drug discovery focusing on the development of drug discovery models and head of target validation. Neethan then joined DiscoverX to lead their oncology efforts for their BioMAP division, a major contributing factor to DiscoverX?s successful acquisition by Eurofins, the world?s largest drug services provider. Neethan then joined Unity Biotechnology, where he worked as a program, alliance and portfolio manager for early phase R&D projects originating from the Frontier sciences group, led by the President of the company. Together with his co-founder Maider Zabala Ugalde, Neethan went on to form Onena Medicines S.L. in 2019 to initiate development of antibody therapeutics to treat oncology and other selected rare disease indications. **Host:** I. Otegui