ONLINE - Programmable DNA self-assembled nanostructures

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Ibon Santiago, Self-assembly Group
nanoGUNE webinar online
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ONLINE - Programmable DNA self-assembled nanostructures **Programmable DNA self-assembled nanostructures** Ibon Santiago Self-assembly, CIC nanoGUNE DNA is a remarkable material for building supramolecular structures of almost arbitrary geometry from the ‘bottom up’, offering improved precision in the rational design of nanostructures. In this talk, I will show the formation of 2D and 3D nanostructures with near- atomic precision using the self-assembly of DNA molecules whose interactions are programmed through the design of their base sequences. Further, the addressability of DNA nanostructures allows for functionalisation with nanoparticles, proteins and hydrophobic moieties. Such hybrid self-assembled nanostructures open the door to realising soft nanorobotic systems. Measuring the dynamics of DNA nanostructures in solution is challenging. Observation methods like TEM and AFM require surface immobilisation of the nanostructures and are thus rather static. Here I will discuss our recent work on DNA origami detection in solution through nanoimpact collisions on ultramicroelectrodes and on lipid bilayers. Also, actuation is needed to drive and control DNA nanodevices to perform specific tasks. I shall describe our approach towards controlling and measuring the linear and rotational motion of DNA origami nanostructures driven by external fields. \---------- ONLINE nanoGUNE: Ibon Santiago, Self-assembly Group \- CIC nanoGUNE When: Mar 21, 2022 11:00 AM **Join Zoom Meeting** * []( Thank you very much for your participation!