CANCELLED // ONLINE - Fundamentals and Applications of Spintronics

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Hiromi Yuasa, Kyushu University
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CANCELLED // ONLINE - Fundamentals and Applications of Spintronics **Fundamentals and Applications of Spintronics** Hiromi Yuasa Kyushu University [ ]( Spintronics is research or engineering for controlling the spin degrees of freedom of electrons. The main parameter of spintronics is spin, whereas in electronics it is electron. Since the spin becomes clear when a magnetic field is applied, the spin originally exists in the magnetic material due to the internal magnetic field. The most influential and successful market is the high density of hard disk drives (HDDs), which has led the era of big data. Later, non-volatile random access memory (MRAM) has been developed and non- volatile high-speed operating memory was shipped. It is one of technologies realizing the ultra-low power consumption computer systems. What is interesting about the nature of spin is that information flows even when no current flows. If the same number of up-spins and down-spins flow in opposite directions, the information carrier can be transferred without Joule loss. Spin interacts with various parameters in environment. One of them is the phenomenon of converting heat flow into electromotive force. It enables thermoelectric generation with a simple and uniform shape, that is one candidate of energy harvesters. If low power consumption and minute power generation are realized, we can contribute to the realization of an energy harvesting IoT society. In the seminar, let me introduce some characteristic phenomena and devices. **Host:** A. Berger \---------- ONLINE nanoGUNE: Hiromi Yuasa, Kyushu University - CIC nanoGUNE When: May 16, 2022 10:00 AM **Join Zoom Meeting** * [Https://]( Thank you very much for your participation!