High throughput statistical approaches in label-free biosensing

CIC nanoGUNE Seminars

F. G. Bosco, TU Denmark
nanoGUNE seminar room, Tolosa Hiribidea 76, Donostia - San Sebastian
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High throughput statistical approaches in label-free biosensing Sensors are crucial in many daily operations including security, environmental control, human diagnostics and patient monitoring. Screening and on-line monitoring require reliable and high-throughput sensing. The use of detection systems based on multisensory approaches help to reduce false alarms and provides new opportunities for real-time analysis of specific analytes. By simultaneously applying a variety of sensor techniques to a sample it is possible to detect the presence of specific molecules with a higher confidence and give a more reliable and fast response, compared to single-analysis sensing systems. We present the demonstration of high-throughput label-free sensor platforms utilizing micromechanical sensors and Raman-based spectroscopy. Multiple sensing techniques (chemo-responsive colorimetric arrays, calorimetric devices and electrochemical sensors) are further investigated to be integrated into a single, high-throughput portable device. These approached were implemented in detection of biological compounds (proteins and antibodies) via RNA functionalization coatings, and in detection of pesticides and explosive molecules throughout chemical surface treatments.