Bionanomaterial Applications to MEMS devices.

CIC nanoGUNE Seminars

Dr. Shinya Kumagai, Toyota Technological Institute
Auditorium of the Centro de Fisica de Materiales, Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal 5, Donostia-San Sebastián
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Bionanomaterial Applications to MEMS devices. **Host** : Alexander Bittner Bionanomaterials have been attracting broad interest in many research fields including Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), because of their unprecedented properties. The bionanomaterials are synthesized through bottom up process. In contrast, the MEMS devices are fabricated through top down process of bulk materials. Fusion of the bottom up and top down processing is needed to realize intriguing devices. First topic is selective patterning of bionanomaterials. For the device application, the bionanomaterials should be patterned on a solid surface to use their properties to the full. Precisely controlling the interactions between the bionanomaterial and solid surface realizes selective single placements of bionanomaterials. Second topic is application of the patterned bionanomaterials. The patterned bionanomaterials are used as catalyst to crystallize an amorphous Si film. The obtained poly-Si film is used to make a MEMS resonator. The fabricated MEMS resonator shows superior resonant characteristics. Q factor of the resonant curve is increased, which indicates that actuation efficiency is increased. Third topic is MEMS application to the biological field. A plasma nozzle device is fabricated toward the limited plasma irradiation to a tissue. Due to the high reactivity, plasmas are now used in not only materials processing but also treatments of disinfection and sterilization. The plasma irradiation limited by the nozzle enables treatments for individual cells.