NOBEL PITCH - A very special workshop!

CIC nanoGUNE Seminars

16 young researchers and 4 Nobel Laureates
nanoGUNE seminar room, Tolosa Hiribidea 76, Donostia - San Sebastian
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NOBEL PITCH - A very special workshop! Taking advantage of the presence of our prestigious guests at **[ Passion for Knowledge - Quantum13]( )** festival, a very special workshop called the **Nobel Pitch** will take place at the nanoGUNE Seminar next Tuesday, 1 October. This special session is coordinated by Ikerbasque and is based on what is known as the **"elevator pitch"** , that is, presenting a short, simple, clear and interesting summary of an idea or a project. The president of Ikerbasque, Fernando Cosio, will participate in the workshop as chairman of the session. | ---|--- **16 young researchers have been selected **to present their "elevator pitch" and explain their main research project or idea, in less than 5 minutes, to some of the most prominent international scientist in their fields, the Nobel Laureates: * Aaron CIECHANOVER, biology * Claude COHEN-TANNOUDJI, physics * Dudley HERSCHBACH, chemical-physics * Jean-Marie LEHN, chemistry The session will be **opened to up to 60 participants** that can join into a collective discussion about breakthrough ideas and general topics of the advancement of science with the Committee after the presentations. Don't miss it! List of selected candidates: \- Mariam Bouhmadi (UPV/EHU). "The Present Acceleration Of The Universe And The Possible Cosmic Doomsdays" \- David Casanova (UPV/EHU). "Development Of Electronic Structure Methods For The Study Of Photoelectric Conversion Materials" \- David Ciudad (CIC nanoGUNE). "High Efficiency Light Emitters With Organic Spintronics" \- Abel De Cozar (Ikerbasque). "Rational Design Of Proline-based Catalysts In Organic Reactions" \- Ion Errea (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). "Atomic Vibrations In Ferroelectrics, Thermoelectrics And Superconductors" \- Ruben Gonzalez-Moreno (DIPC). "Fabrication Of Curved Single Crystals" \- Marek Grzelcak (CIC biomaGUNE). "Self-replicating Nanocrystal Gene" \- Ruben Maeso (Centre For Integrative Biology (cibio), University Of Trento). "The Road To Chromatin - Nuclear Entry Of Hiv" \- Zsolt Majzik (CIC nanoGUNE). "Nanoscale Detection Of Single Spins In Diamond By Tip-enhanced Photoluminescence." \- Ander Matheu (Biodonostia Institute). "Head Of Neurooncology Group" \- Dimitry Melnikau (CFM - Center Of Materials Physics). "Strong Enhancement Of Circular Dichroism In A Hybrid Material Consisting Of J-aggregates And Silver Nanoparticles" \- Amaia Rebollo (CIC nanoGUNE). "Creating Pure Protein Fibres" \- Javier Ruiz-Ederra (Instituto Biodonostia). "Analysis Of Microrna In Patients And In Murine Models Or Retinitis Pigmentosa: Novel Therapeuthic Targets." \- Anna Shnyrova (Biophysics Unit, CSIC-UPV/EHU). "Biological Applications Of Fluid Nanotubes Made Of Lipids" \- Nerea Sabirán (UPV/EHU). "Epigenetic Mechanism Of Transgenerational Inheritance Of Analgesic Tolerance Induced By Morphine." \- Ainara Vallejo (Biodonostia Institute). "Modulation Of Calcium-handling Proteins In Muscular Dystrophy"