2nd Seminar of internship students 2023

DIPC Seminars

DIPC's Internships students
Hybrid Saminar, Donostia International Physics Center
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2nd Seminar of internship students 2023

The session includes presentations given by Internships students.

Each presentation will consists of 12 minutes talk + 3 minutes questions.

Here is the program:

9:00 Ángel Giménez Mascarell (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
        "2D Nanophotonics"
        Supervised by Alexey Nikitin

9:15 Samantha Joyce Romero (UPV/EHU)
        "Inelastic scattering and photoemission in crystalline solids"
        Supervised by Santiago Blanco Canosa

9:30 Maria Fernanda FlorezAngarita (Université Toulouse III -Paul Sabatier)
        "Rationalization of linear and nonlinear optical properties"
       Supervised by Eduard Matito and Frédéric Castet

9:45 Eider Loyola Azanza (University of Barcelona)
        "Controlling light at the nanoscale"
        Supervised by Ruben Esteban

10:00 Bryan Alexis Melo Flores (University of Barcelona)
          "Computational study of the effect of pressure on organocatalysis"
         Supervised by Bo Chen

10:15 Žarko Ivković (University of Barcelona)
          "Implementation of an effective method to simulate optical spectra"
          Supervised by David Casanova and Abel Carreras


11:00 Sergi Betkhoshvili (University of Barcelona )
          "Designing qubits from chromophore-radical systems"
          Supervised by Claire Tonnelé and Roberto A. Boto

11:15 David de la Fuente Pico (Autónoma de Madrid)
          "Superconductivity mediated by soft polar modes"
         Supervised by Maria N Gastiasoro

11:30 Max Generowicz (York University)
         "Undopedcesium iodide crystals for positron emission tomography"
         Supervised by Francesc Monrabal and Juan José Gomez Cadenas

11:45 Itsaso Hontoria (UPV/EHU)
         "Detection of neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering"
        Supervised by Stefano Roberto Soleti and Francesc Monrabal

12:00 Isabel María Moreno Cuadrado (Universidad de Granada)
          "Development of an android app to explore the electronic structure of nanographenes"
         Supervised by Thomas Frederiksen

12:15 Lorenz Moehrle (University of Konstanz)
          "Investigation of Hyperfine Interaction in Carbon-based 2-dimensional Materials"
         Supervised by Geza Giedke and Sanghita Sengupta

13:00 LUNCH

Zoom: https://dipc-org.zoom.us/j/96129031770