Heterometallic Lanthanide Coordination Complexes for Quantum Technologies

DIPC Seminars

Guillem Aromí
Universitat de Barcelona
Donostia International Physics Center (Hybrid Seminar)
Deung-Jang Choi
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Heterometallic Lanthanide Coordination Complexes for Quantum Technologies

Molecular materials find applications in many crucial areas of technology. For example, molecular electronic spins are potential qubits and qugates in quantum computing.1-2
Some of their advantages over other technologies are their reproducibility (crucial for a scalable quantum technology) and the versatility of chemical design. The latter enables the preparation of molecules to host several spins, thus embodying various qubits capable to undertake complex tasks. Lanthanides are good spin-qubit candidates in these systems, as they exhibit good coherent properties and a diversity of electronic features. We have designed a ligand- based strategy to synthesize di- or trinuclear lanthanide complexes exhibiting distinct coordination sites within one molecule type. This provides a means of preparing pure heterometallic complexes that can be of the [LnLn’] or the [LnLn’Ln] type, where the nature of the Ln and the Ln’ metals can vary extensively.3-5 Preparation of selective heterometallic complexes in one step is extremely rare and the trinuclear case is unique. The performance of these molecules as multi-qubit quantum gates will be discussed.
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