Open Science with Springer Nature (policies and tools)

DIPC Seminars

Asja Prohic
Head of Academic Affairs, Springer Nature
Donostia International Physics Center (Hybrid Seminar)
Marek Grzelczak
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Open Science with Springer Nature (policies and tools)

Open Science is gaining traction within research communities both in Europe and internationally. In addition to the crucial role of open access publications, the sharing of all aspects of the research process—including data, code, and protocols—is now deemed equally vital for fostering collaboration and disseminating knowledge. While, as a leading international publisher, Springer Nature plays a pivotal role in the transition to open access, particularly through transformative agreements, it also supports all other aspects of Open Science and undertakes inititaives to make the sharing easier for authors. Furthermore, the discussion will feature insights from my colleague in Japan, Hiromitsu Urakami, who will provide a specific perspective from Asia.

About the speaker

Asja Prohic is Head of Academic Affairs, France, Southern Europe and Middle East and has been with Springer Nature since 2022. With a Ph.D. in social sciences, she brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished analyst in international strategy, gained from significant roles in both private and public sectors. Asja's expertise extends to European project coordination and conducting training in intercultural management. In her role at Springer Nature, Asja is responsible for overseeing academic initiatives, fostering collaborations with institutions across regions, and enhancing engagement within the academic community.