Photonics with bulk and surface electromagnetic waves in layered superconductors

DIPC Seminars

Tetiana Rokhmanova
Donostia International Physics Center
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Photonics with bulk and surface electromagnetic waves in layered superconductors Layered high-temperature superconductors are periodic materials with thin superconducting layers separated by the thicker insulator ones electrodynamically related to each other by means of the intrinsic Josephson effect. Such materials are very attractive for photonics since they support the propagation of both bulk and surface electromagnetic waves in the THz frequency range (Cooper-pair polaritons) [1-3]. In the presentation, we will consider a number of theoretical results on linear and nonlinear optical phenomena in layered superconductors. In particular, we show that the transmission of an electromagnetic wave through a superconducting slab depends on the amplitude of the incident wave, showing the hysteretic behavior. Also, we discuss the nonlinear interaction and mutual polarization conversion of the transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic modes in layered superconductors. Moreover, we show that even relatively weak external DC magnetic field can effectively control the polarization conversion, transparency of the slab, and surface modes propagation. Thus, polaritons in high-temperature superconductors constitute a versatile platform for THz photonics and can find applications in novel optoelectronic devices and technologies. 1\. D. N. Basov, M. M. Fogler, F. J. García de Abajo Polaritons in van der Waals materials. Science 354, 6309 (2016). 2\. Y. Laplace, A. Cavalleri Josephson plasmonics in layered superconductors, Adv. Phys: X 1(3), 387 (2016). 3\. S. Savel’ev, V. A. Yampol’skii, A. L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori, Terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors: spectrum, generation, nonlinear and quantum phenomena. Rep. Prog. Phys. 73, 026501 (2010). Host: Alexey Nikitin