Attosecond Free-Electron Lasers

DIPC Seminars

Vitaliy Goryashko, Uppsala University, Sweden
Donostia International Physics Center
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Attosecond Free-Electron Lasers The ground-state electron in the hydrogen atom completes one cycle of revolution in 150 attoseconds. Some other processes in atoms and molecules are even faster. Attosecond pulses of light can provide the resolution needed for studying and ultimately controlling the attosecond dynamics of electrons in atoms and molecules. Therefore, there is a strong scientific demand for the development of sources of high-energy, attosecond pulses. In this talk, I will (i) review the characteristic time and length scales in atoms, molecules and nanostructures, (ii) outline the progress on short-pulse generation over time and the state-of-the-art of production of high-energy, ultrashort pulses; (iii) give some examples of attosecond processes in atoms, (iv) discuss in detail novel concepts for the production of attosecond pulses using electron bunches moving through periodic magnetic fields created by the magnetic devices called undulators.