Opportunities for neutrino physics using spallation sources

DIPC Seminars

Pilar Coloma, IFIC, Spain
Donostia International Physics Center
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Opportunities for neutrino physics using spallation sources In this talk I will give a broad introduction to neutrino oscillations, including the current experimental status of the field as well as some of the main future proposals to measure neutrino properties precisely. I will pay particular attention to spallation neutron sources, which are known to yield a very intense neutrino flux from the decay of pions generated in proton interactions in the target, and the opportunities that they offer for neutrino physics. First, I will discuss the results and prospects of COHERENT, which has measured for the first time coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering using the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Lab (US). Looking ahead into the future, the design of the European Spallation Source may be modified so it can host a neutrino beam to measure the current unknowns in the neutrino sector. Host: Francesc Monrabal