Quantum parameter estimation - from fundamentals to applications

DIPC Seminars

Manuel Gessner, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
Online seminar, Donostia International Physics Center
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Quantum parameter estimation - from fundamentals to applications The experimental advances of the last decades have made quantum correlated states of light and matter available in today's laboratories, but the efficient characterization of their multipartite entanglement still poses a great challenge for theory and experiment. Mastering this challenge is a necessary step towards the large-scale implementation of ideas from quantum information theory with potential applications in the development of quantum technologies. Quantum parameter estimation theory, for instance, identifies strategies to overcome classical precision limits of measurements by identifying highly sensitive quantum states and measurement observables. This talk will provide an overview of our recent progress in this field, highlighting in particular the close connection between metrological sensitivity and multipartite entanglement. We will see how suitable observables that capture delicate features of complex quantum states can be identified under experimental constraints, how entanglement can be detected with tools from metrology, and how collective quantum enhancements can be achieved in the simultaneous estimation of multiple parameters. As applications we will show how this theory can improve the precision of atomic clocks and the optical resolution of imaging systems. Host: Geza Giedke ZOOM: YouTube: