Exploring Quantum Properties in 2D Organic Materials

DIPC Seminars

Ignacio Piquero-Zulaica, Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany
Online Seminar, Donostia International Physics Center
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Exploring Quantum Properties in 2D Organic Materials Recently, exciting theoretical predictions for single layer two-dimensional metal organic frameworks (2D-MOFs) such as organic topological insulators (OTIs), quantum anomalous Hall effect, ferromagnetism and superconductivity have been proposed [1,2]. These set the grounds for building next generation 2D organic quantum materials. In this line, another fascinating example are the so-called nanoporous graphene structures (NPGs). Theoretical studies have predicted that the insertion of nanosize pores into graphene can turn it into a semiconductor and from being impermeable into a very efficient molecular-sieve membrane [3]. Such 2D-MOFs and NPGs can be successfully grown on surfaces by molecular self- assembly and via the lateral fusion of bottom-up synthesized graphene nanoribbons [4,5]. In this talk, I will show that the DCA-Cu 2D-MOF, a predicted OTI, can be grown on Cu(111) (A). Despite developing a kagome multi-band, the expected topological edge-states are absent [6]. In this line, I will also explore the Dirac and flat bands that develop for the Ext-TEB-Ag 2D organometallic polymer grown on Ag(111) (B). Finally, I will present the on-surface synthesis of an electronically isotropic NPG structure (C). References: [1] Zhang, L. Z. _et al. Nano Lett. _ **16** , 2072–2075 (2016) [2] Zhang, X., _et al._ _Nano Lett. _ **17** , 6166–6170 (2017) [3] Jiang, D., _et al._ _Nano Lett. _ **9** , 4019–4024 (2009) [4] Piquero-Zulaica, I. _et al. _ _Phys. Rev. Lett. _ **123** , 266805 (2019) [5] Moreno, C. _et al. Science _ **360** , 199–203 (2018) [6] Hernández-López, L., Piquero-Zulaica, I. _et al. Nanoscale _ **13** _, _5216 _ _ (2021) Host: Enrique Ortega ZOOM: YouTube: