Explosive astronomical transients and multimessenger astronomy

DIPC Seminars

Christina Thöne and Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, HETH/IAA-CSIC, Spain
Online Seminar, Donostia International Physics Center
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Explosive astronomical transients and multimessenger astronomy In this talk we will present our work on the study of explosive astronomical transients, such as gamma-ray burst and peculiar supernovae. These events mark the dramatic end of the life of massive stars, or the merger of two compact objects. As observational astronomers our work is based on data obtained from ground- and space-based observatories at all wavelengths, from radio to gamma- rays. In the last years the study of these sources also includes their study through gravitational wave or neutrino emission, which combined results in what we now call multi-messenger astronomy. We will present several studies of particularly interesting sources and the host galaxy environments in which they occur. Finally, we will also introduce some of the instrumentation projects in which he have had a leading role and that will help in our future understanding of these peculiar sources. Host: Ricardo Díez Muiño Zoom: https://dipc-org.zoom.us/j/85345111248 YouTube: https://youtu.be/vHxRZsEN2n8