The Next Generation of CEvNS Measurements

DIPC Seminars

Mark Lewis, University of Chicago
Hybrid Seminar, Donostia International Physics Center
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The Next Generation of CEvNS Measurements Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEvNS) is an only recently observable weak interaction with a broad spectrum of applications. My research focuses on the next generation of CEvNS experiments, and the measurements required to understand them, at the main terrestrial sources of neutrinos: spallation facilities and nuclear reactors. Specifically, I'll discuss the promising feasibility of using cryogenic pure CsI for precision measurements of CEvNS at the up-and-coming European Spallation Source. I'll also talk about our most recent results with a Ge detector regarding the observation of much lower energy CEvNS interactions at the Dresden Generating Station and the next steps for that assembly. Throughout it all, I'll highlight the importance of understanding the response of these detectors to low-energy nuclear recoils in order to properly interpret the data. Host: Francesc Monrabal ZOOM: