Magnetic order control of topological metals and semimetals

DIPC Seminars

Andrew Boothroyd, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Hybrid Seminar: Donostia International Physics Center
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Magnetic order control of topological metals and semimetals Topological metals and semimetals exhibit exceptional transport behaviour due to the existence of low energy quasiparticles which resemble relativistic fermions. A particular interest is to identify materials in which the topology of the electrons can be controlled by magnetic order or magnetic fields. In this talk, I will discuss how magnetic structures can couple to electronic band topology, drawing examples from very recent studies on several intermetallic compounds, including candidates for Weyl semimetals and axion insulators. I especially wish to highlight the strengths of scattering experiments using advanced synchrotron radiation and neutron techniques for probing important aspects of the magnetic structures. Host: Maia Vergniory Zoom: YouTube: