DIPC Community Seminar: Molecular magnetism: theory and experiment

DIPC Seminars

Daniel Reta, Faculty of Chemistry EHU/UPV & DIPC
Hybrid Seminar: Donostia International Physics Center
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DIPC Community Seminar: Molecular magnetism: theory and experiment **DIPC Community Seminar** ** ** Molecular magnetism is fuelled by the quest to obtain molecules capable of hosting unpaired electrons with customizable properties. The concerted effort of physicists and chemists over the past decades has established clear synthetic routes, reliable characterisation techniques and robust theoretical and computational formalisms towards that end, exploiting elements across the whole of the periodic table. This has expanded the scope of the field, which currently counts with strong contenders for applications in research areas as varied as quantum information, light- emitting devices, or even green chemistry. This seminar aims to convey a sense of what molecular magnetism has to offer and the ways we try to exploit it in our research. Particularly, I will present our results on how the combination of molecular design, magnetic characterisation and quantum chemistry methods can help advance towards better performing systems in two broad families of magnetic molecules: single molecule magnets (SMMs) and organic radicals. I will then finish by charting future lines of research, hoping to highlight possible areas of collaboration with different members of the DIPC community. Zoom: YouTube: