Guided atom optics: recent progress and applications

DIPC Seminars

David Guéry-Odelin Professor at university Paul Sabatier, Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse 3, Laboratoire de Collisions - Agrégats - Réactivité, Toulouse, France
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC).Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 4 (nearby the Facultad de Quimica), Donostia
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Guided atom optics: recent progress and applications Guided atom optics: recent progress and applications In this talk, I will describe some recent advances in the field of guided atom optics. In the first part, I will explain the experimental techniques that allow for the realization of a transversally monomode guided atom laser. These systems are the equivalent for matter waves of monomode fibers in optics. In the second part of the talk, I will comment on a few experiments performed with such a tool in order to investigate complex potentials. We have recently realized a distributed Bragg reflector for matter waves where the succession of layers is provided by a light pattern resulting from the interference of two laser beams that provides a series of light walls sepatated by a few hundreds of nm. By modulating the light wall intensities, if is even possible to engineer the momentum distribution of the matter wave and to realize, for instance, ultra selective velocity filters. In the last part of the talk, I will describe other recent experiments where the transverse of degrees of freedom in ths guide play an important role. We will give an example with the interaction of an off-center defect that can trigger a transition to chaos in this system. Another example will be discussed on the very first experiments dealing with the realization of a guided matter wave beam splitter.