Stellar occultations: Chariklo and its ring system

DIPC Seminars

Rodrigo Leiva. Instituto de Astrofísica, Facultad de Física, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Observatoire de Paris, LESIA.
Donostia International Physics Center. Pº Manuel Lardizabal 4, Donostia - San Sebastián
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Stellar occultations: Chariklo and its ring system A ring system was discovered by our team around the centaur (10199) Chariklo in June 2013 [1]. This system was discovered observing stellar occultations with data collected in several observatories in South America. I will show how the stellar occultation technique allow to study small objects in the Solar System, its satellites, atmospheres and rings. [1] Braga-Ribas et al. A ring system detected around the Centaur (10199) Chariklo: Nature 508, 72 (2014). doi:10.1038/nature13155