Cultural Analytics. The Humanistic Science of Culture.

DIPC Seminars

Juan Luis Suárez, CulturePlex Lab at Western University, Ontario (Canada)
Donostia International Physics Center. Pº Manuel de Lardizabal 4, Donostia - San Sebastián
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Cultural Analytics. The Humanistic Science of Culture. Cultural Analytics has become an emerging area of multidisciplinary research in which humanists, scientists, and artists come together to analyze and understand the role of cultural creation in people's behaviour. The interaction among disciplines and the use of a hybrid toolkit that includes big data, machine learning, modelling, close reading, and human and computer vision are proving fruitful in two spheres: understanding why humans cannot stop creating cultural objects -popular and high level-, and repositioning the questions that make possible and relevant humanistic disciplines in an age of networked and globalized humanity. This questions relate to the complex challenges that we face as human species and cultural communities in the 21st Century and that are not solvable by individual or traditional knowledge approaches. **Juan Luis Suárez** is Professor of Digital Humanities and Computer Science at Western University (London, Ontario, Canada), where he is also the Director of the CulturePlex Lab - one of Canada's leading centres for digital research and innovation within the humanities.