Wavelength Selective Perfect Absorbers for Infrared Devices

DIPC Seminars

Prof. Tadaaki Nagao, MANA
Donostia International Physics Center
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Wavelength Selective Perfect Absorbers for Infrared Devices Plasmonic perfect absorbers can exhibit nearly 100% absorptivity at desired wavelengths, and have been successfully demonstrated their use such as in wavelength-selective infrared light emitters and bio sensors [1,2]. We present our recent work on the development of plasmonic perfect absorbers based on the metal-insulator-metal structures [1-4]. By use of numerical electromagnetic simulations, we optimized the geometrical parameters of the perfect absorbers with resonances at certain wavelengths depending on their applications. The fabricated perfect absorbers exhibit narrowband resonant absorption with efficiency a high as 98 %. By tuning their geometrical parameters, the resonance of the structures can be tuned from far-infrared to mid-infrared region. We report three applications of the perfect absorbers including selective thermal emitters [1], selective surface-enhanced vibrational spectroscopy [2,4] for high-sensitivity molecular sensing, and wavelength selective IR detectors based on the combination with pyroelectric detector and the plasmonic absorbers [3]. ** ** **REFERENCES** 1\. T. D. Dao, K. Chen, S. Ishii, A. Ohi, T. Nabatame, M. Kitajima and T. Nagao, _ACS Photonics_ **2** , 964 (2015). 2\. K. Chen, T. D. Dao, S. Ishii, M. Aono and T. Nagao, _Adv. Funct. Mater._ **25** , 6637 (2015). 3\. T. D. Dao, S. Ishii, T. Yokoyama, T. Sawada, R.Sugavaneshwar, K. Chen, Y. Wada, A. Ohi, T. Nabatame and T. Nagao, ACS PHOTONICS **3** , 1271 (2016). 4\. T.S. Bui, T.D. Dao, L.H. Dang, L.D. Vu, A. Ohi, T. Nabatame, Y. P. Lee, T. Nagao, C.V. Hoang, _Scientific Reports_ **6** , Article number: 32123(2016).