Metallic Nanoparticles: growth, morphology and functionalization

DIPC Seminars

Magali Benoit, CEMES, Toulouse, France
Donostia International Physics Center
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Metallic Nanoparticles:  growth, morphology and functionalization Metallic nanoparticles or nanocrystals are one of the most important families of functional materials. Their remarkable properties, due to their nanometric dimension, combined with their chemical composition and morphology, have contributed to the increasing development of their use in fields as diverse as electronics, data storage, catalysis, optics, bio-medical etc … However, due to their small size, the control of their properties depends crucially on the control of their morphology. This is even more critical for nanocrystals formed of several elements for which the chemical order (alloy, core-shell, demixed configuration, etc.) can also influence the morphology, which becomes extremely difficult to predict. For these reasons, many efforts are deployed today to understand, on the one hand, the mechanisms of formation of these objects and, on the other hand, the origin of the stability of the observed morphologies. Through examples, I will show how, from atomistic modeling, it is possible to determine the way the growth conditions and the environment can influence the morphologies of metallic nanoparticles. I will also show that the morphology of a nanoparticle can be of paramount importance on its functionalization.