Science and Contemporary Theater. A symbiotic relationship?

DIPC Seminars

Prof. Gabriel Cwilich, Yeshiva University, New York, USA
Donostia International Physics Center
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Science and Contemporary Theater. A  symbiotic  relationship? In this talk I will describe the interesting phenomenon that developed over the last two decades in which playwrights turned increasingly their interest and curiosity towards scientific subjects, and managed not only to reflect in their creation the world, circumstances and tribulations of the scientists, but also the express their scientific ideas and, in many cases with great success, to weave them in the very dramatic structure of their plays. I will also show how in some cases in the process of creation and staging of their plays they interact directly with scientists. I will survey a few of the most interesting theatrical experiences in that respect, as well as describe my personal involvement over the years with the Alfred Sloan Foundation, through their program of "Pubic Understanding of Science and Technology” and with a few theater companies which they support.