CFM-DIPC PhD seminar series 2024

CFM Seminars

Andrea Aguirre and Divya Jyoti
CFM Auditorium
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CFM-DIPC PhD seminar series 2024

We are happy to share that the first PhD seminar series 2024 will start next Wednesday on 6th of March, at 12:00 in CFM Auditorium.

This time our speakers are:

1. Andrea Aguirre
" Ferromagnetic order in 2D layers of transition metal dihalides "

2. Divya Jyoti
" 1D chains of nickelocene fragments on single crystal Au(111) "

Please save the date.
And before it starts, at 11:45 some pastries will be offered at the cafeteria of CFM.

We hope to see you all at CFM auditorium.

Best regards,
Deung-Jang (DJ), Roberto and Carlos

P.S. For PhD students, please feel free to reserve your time slot to present your PhD work. It is a great opportunity to share what you do with your colleagues. 🙂