PhD Seminar Series

CFM Seminars

Xuban Gastearena Irigoyen and Markos Polkas
CFM Auditorium
Deung-Jang Choi, Roberto Robles and Carlos Sánchez Cano
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PhD Seminar Series

Continuing with th PhD seminar series this time our speakers are:
1. Xuban Gastearena Irigoyen
" Computational characterization of the reaction mechanisms for the polymerization of glycidol with B(C6F5)3 and Lewis bases "

2. Markos Polkas:
" The diet of Massive Black Holes "

Please save the date.
And before it starts, at 11:45 some pastries will be offered at the  cafeteria of CFM.

We hope to see you all at CFM auditorium.

Best regards,
Deung-Jang (DJ), Roberto and Carlos

P.S. There are still open slots for the session on the 5th of May, please feel free to reserve your time slot to  present your PhD work. Go to: