Seminar at CFM: Taming complex fluids with external fields

CFM Seminars

Professor Fernando Bresme
CFM Auditorium
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Seminar at CFM: Taming complex fluids with external fields ** Taming complex fluids with external fields** [Professor Fernando Bresme ]( ) Department of Chemistry Molecular Sciences Research Hub Imperial College, United Kingdom **Summary** External fields, thermal and electromagnetic, induce a range of non- equilibrium effects in complex fluids consisting of nanoparticle suspensions (e.g. Soret, Seebeck, Peltier effects), which can be exploited in energy conversion (thermoelectrics), analytical devices for detection of biomolecules, or nanoparticle transport and assembly. The combination of Non- Equilibrium multiscale simulations and theory has paved the way to elucidate the physical behaviour of complex fluids under external fields, showing that their response is much richer than previously anticipated. I will discuss how these techniques can be used to predict and observe novel non-equilibrium effects in complex fluids, opening new avenues for energy conversion and harvesting, tuneable nano-tribology and capillary assembly.