PhD Thesis Defense | Agustín Blázquez Martín

Smart Organic Crystalline Materials: From design to practical applications

Agustín Blázquez Martín
CFM Auditorium
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PhD Thesis Defense | Agustín Blázquez Martín

Synthesis of Copper-free Stable Single-Chain Nanoparticles

Single-chain nanoparticles (SCNPs) are soft nano-objects formed by the folding and collapsing of a single polymeric chain. The main characteristics of the SCNPs are the small size, around 1 - 20 nm, and the high surface-volume ratio. That collapse mimics the self-folding that is present in some biomolecules, as proteins. In recent years, SCNPs have been carefully studied, because they can be custom designed, and are a good nano-object for some applications as catalyst systems or sensing.
In this thesis are presented two new metal-free synthesis methods. Those methods have been proved as reproducible systems to synthesize stable and redissolvable SCNPs without any catalyst. The first method, based on the Staudinger reaction, gives rise to SCNPs that are stable against aggressive reagents and can also be selectively returned to their polymer chain form. The second method uses metal-free “click” chemistry to synthesize SCNPs that can be stored without being added.
Additionally, the potential applicability is checked by the preparation of reusable catalytic SCNPs from valorized PVC using only green solvents. Demonstrating their potential for the valorization of polymeric wastes and for the fabrication of catalysts at the same time.