Spin Transport through Heavy Metal/Magnetic Insulator Interfaces

CFM Seminars

Sara Catalano
Auditorium: Centro de Fisica de Materiales
Maxim Ilyn
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Spin Transport through Heavy Metal/Magnetic Insulator Interfaces

The ability to control the spin degree of freedom in condensed matter systems has extended the capability for storing and processing information. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to spintronic, reviewing the main achievements in the field and the present challenges. In this context, I will highlight the role of heavy metal (HM)/magnetic insulator (MI) interfaces as a platform for studying spin-based signals in two exemplifying experiments that were carried out in the Nanodevices group at CIC nanoGUNE.
First, I will discuss the Spin Hall Magnetoresistance (SMR) effect in HM/MI heterostructures and, in particular, the case of Pt/ van der Waals magnetic compounds interfaces. I will show recent measurements, pointing out to the importance of the structural details of the heavy metal/magnetic insulator interface in the analysis of SMR signals [1].
Second, I will present our latest characterization of devices comprising Pt/EuS interfaces. We demonstrate the propagation of magnon spin currents in EuS evaporated films by means of the Spin Seebeck Effect, providing a thorough characterization of the spin transport properties of such films [2,3].
These experimental findings extend the current understanding of spin transport in HM/MI based heterostructures and pave the way to further advances in the field. I will briefly discuss future perspectives to be explored at the Materials for Quantum Technology research line in MPC.


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