Structured light nonlinear optics

CFM Seminars

Antonio Zelaquett Khoury
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói-RJ, Brasil
CFM auditorium
Quantum Nanophotonics Lab (CFM)
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Structured light nonlinear optics

We investigate nonlinear wave mixing processes induced by transversely structured light beams. The interplay between different photonic degrees of freedom determines the structure of the fields generated by the nonlinear processes. In birefringent media, the nonlinear interaction can be directly affected by the polarization of the interacting beams. For example, in Type-II second harmonic generation, this interplay allows for polarization-controlled switching between different orbital angular momentum (OAM) operations. It can also be used for spin-to-orbital angular momentum transfer. Moreover, either in birefringent or isotropic media, a less intuitive interplay occurs between radial and angular degrees of freedom of paraxial modes undergoing nonlinear propagation. This radial-angular coupling leads to interesting chiral relationships that will be discussed.