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  1. 1- Computational modelling and scanning transmission electron microscopy of Fe/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions

    Date of Seminar: 17/10/2017

    Organised by: Jonathan Bean

    From: University of York, UK

  2. 2- Critical phenomena with interacting photons in driven-dissipative systems

    Date of Seminar: 16/10/2017

    Organised by: Dr.Said Rahimzadeh-Kalaleh Rodriguez

    From: AMOLF, Utrecht University, Holland

  3. 3- Surface diffusion and dynamics on Dirac materials.

    Date of Seminar: 11/10/2017

    Organised by: Dr.Anton Tamtögl

    From: Institute of Experimental Physics, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

  4. 4- Optical forces and torques at the nanoscale: Fundamentas and bio-applications

    Date of Seminar: 06/10/2017

    Organised by: Prof. Daniel Jaque

    From: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

  5. 5- Quantum size effects in molecular wires and Kondo chains

    Date of Seminar: 29/09/2017

    Organised by: Prof.Richard Korytár

    From: Charles University, Prague

  6. 6- Current-induced heating and cooling in molecular junctions

    Date of Seminar: 28/09/2017

    Organised by: Dr.Giuseppe Foti

    From: Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

  7. 7- Hot carrier generation in plasmonic nanoparticles

    Date of Seminar: 27/09/2017

    Organised by: Dr.Lucas Vazquez Besteiro

    From: IFFS, UESTC, Chengdu / INRS-EMT, Université du Québec, Varennes, Canada

  8. 8- Molecular assembly at surfaces

    Date of Seminar: 19/09/2017

    Organised by: Prof.Rasmita Raval

    From: Surface Science Research Centre, University of Liverpool, UK

  9. 9- Plasmonics in alkali-intercalated graphene

    Date of Seminar: 15/09/2017

    Organised by: Prof.Vito Despoja

    From: University of Zagreb, Croatia

  10. 10- Metallic Nanoparticles: growth, morphology and functionalization

    Date of Seminar: 14/09/2017

    Organised by: Dr.Magali Benoit

    From: CEMES, Toulouse, France

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