Specialized scientific hands-on courses to learn the basics with insight


The DIPC Courses are currently organized and coordinated by Deung-Jang Choi and Nicolas Lorente. You can contact them at

The fast evolution of science can be demanding to follow. For this reason, DIPC organizes training courses on specific scientific topics that help learning the basics with insight.

Scope & aim

These open courses are midway a compact scientific seminar and a long University course with the aim of providing many more details than a regular seminar while keeping the innovative aspects of current research.

They are addressed to the whole scientific community, from Professor to PhD or Master levels, being the last specially encouraged to attend. Usually no registration is required.

Coordinates & format

DIPC Courses, unless otherwise stated, take place in the "Josebe Olarra" DIPC's Seminar Room (building 1, DIPC headquarters). They consist in 90-120 min lectures, with a maximum of 8 lectures, typically during 4 to 8 weeks.

The courses are expected to be participative with time for questions and discussions.

Past Courses

Upcoming events
2024 May 30

Neutron beams for irradiation applications at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Carlo Cazzaniga

12:00 | Donostia International Physics Center (Hybrid Seminar)

2024 May 31

Quantum Dots and peptide-based sensors to develop and improve drug selection in neurodegenerative diseases

Valle Palomo

12:00 | Donostia International Physics Center (Hybrid Seminar)

2024 Jun 2

On-Surface Synthesis International Workshop (OSS224)

Martina Corso (CFM-CSIC-UPV/EHU), Dimas G. de Oteyza (CINN; CSIC-UNIOVI-PA), Roman Fasel (EMPA, Switzerland)

2024/06/02 - 2024/06/07 | Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona

2024 Jun 4

European South Atlantic Biophysics Congress - Young Scientist Seminar (ESAB-YSS)

Aitziber López Cortajarena (CIC biomaGUNE, Ikerbasque), Gabriel Ortega Quintanilla (CIC bioGUNE, Ikerbasque), Edurne Rujas (UPV/EHU, Ikerbasque), David De Sancho (UPV/EHU & DIPC)

2024/06/04 - 2024/06/05 | Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Donostia / San Sebastián

2024 Jun 4

Interfaces of active fluids

Margarida Telo da Gama

16:00 | CFM Auditorium

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