Stress Management Course

Sofia Facal and Manuela Bercioux
Skills for Science and Industry

CFM auditorium, Donostia/San Sebastián

February 3, 4, 2021

Stress is a normal physical reaction and can be positive in short bursts, but over long periods of increased stress exposure lead to a decrease in personal well being and work efficiency. A worldwide PhD survey done by Nature in 2019 has reported a high level of stress connected problems within PhD students. This has put the focus on a problem that is affecting many researchers. The Covid-19 pandemic has further intensified
the problem, highlighting the need to develop a program to give practical tools to prevent and manage stressful situations.

This course was conducted by Skills4Science and it was structured in 2 sessions.

Session 1

  • What is stress? Definition and types of stress
  • Stress and how it affects our health: short term and long term effects
  • Responding vs. reacting to Stress
  • Recognizing personal stress signals
  • Handling stress- practical tools

Session 2

  • Stress and how it affects our work
  • Handling stress at the workplace
  • Prevention and healthy habits
  • Practical tools: avoiding procrastination, mindfulness