Corporate Compliance

DIPC has developed and implemented a criminal risk prevention program to promote an institutional and corporate culture of compliance (Corporate Compliance), in order to achieve an orderly and responsible management in the development of DIPC's activities, as well as a culture of integrity, honesty, transparency and respect for ethical norms and standards.

Likewise, DIPC intends to show its absolute rejection of any irregular behaviour in the development of its activities, mainly of those conducts that by their nature may constitute a potential crime, whose prevention is a primary objective of the program.

Therefore, this program is made up of different documents that make up the Corporate Compliance framework. On this website we make available, to any interested third party, the Whistleblower Channel.


DIPC makes available to all DIPC personnel, as well as to third parties related to DIPC, a Whistleblower Channel so that they can report any possible suspicion of any potentially criminal or irregular conduct.

This Channel is based on the principles of good faith and commitment to non-retaliation, confidentiality, right to honor, presumption of innocence and defense. DIPC guarantees at all times the confidential, independent and objective treatment of all communications received through the Whistleblower Channel, in accordance with the Data Protection and Information Security guidelines.