A multidisciplinary research line combining nanoscience and neuroscience

L1 Neurophysics

This multidisciplinary research line gathers scientists from different fields and seeks to design and develop innovative methods, based on nanoscience techniques, to detect and modify the neural activity. Nanoparticles made of either semiconducting or metallic materials can be efficient optical agents to detect and alter local electric fields and hence can become useful tools in interacting with neurons.

Specific topics

  • Theory, design, and fabrication of nanoparticles with specific neuro-oriented properties.
  • Chemical derivatization for neuronal adherence and distribution in biological tissues.
  • Testing in in-vitro and in-vivo neurons.

Related publications

  1. Scientific article 1 Time for NanoNeuro
    A. Garcia-Etxarri, and R. Yuste
    Nat. Methods 18, 1287 (2021).