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Last updated: May 11, 2023
  1. Scientific article 1 Theory of triangulene two-dimensional crystals
    R. Ortiz, G. Catarina, and J. Fernandez-Rossier
    2D Mater. 10, 015015 (2023).
  2. Scientific article 2 Controlling the Spin States of FeTBrPP on Au(111)
    X. Meng, J. Moeller, M. Mansouri, D. Sanchez-Portal, A. Garcia-Lekue, A. Weismann, C. Li, R. Herges, and R. Berndt
    ACS Nano 17, 1268 (2023).
  3. Scientific article 3 Aluminum Hydroxide Nano- and Microstructures Fabricated Using Scanning Probe Lithography with KOH Ink
    J. Ryu, J. -S. Jo, J. -H. Choi, D. Y. Kim, J. Kim, D. H. Park, and J. -W. Jang
    ACS Omega 8, 10439 (2023).
  4. Scientific article 4 Upgrading Polyurethanes into Functional Ureas through the Asymmetric Chemical Deconstruction of Carbamates
    I. Olazabal, A. Gonzalez, S. Vallejos, I. Rivilla, C. Jehanno, and H. Sardon
    ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. 11, 332 (2023).
  5. Scientific article 5 Unraveling Dipolar Regime and Kerker Conditions in Mid-Index Mesoscale Dielectric Materials
    B. Coe, J. Olmos-Trigo, D. Qualls, M. Alexis, M. Szczerba, D. R. Abujetas, M. Biswas, and U. Manna
    Adv. Opt. Mater. 11, 3 (2023).
  6. Scientific article 6 Single-Component White Circularly Polarized Luminescence in Chiral 1DDouble-Chain Perovskites
    C. -Y. Chai, Q. -K. Zhang, C. -Q. Jing, X. -B. Han, C. -D. Liu, B. -D. Liang, C. -C. Fan, Z. Chen, X. -W. Lei, A. Stroppa, R. O. Agbaoye, G. A. Adebayo, C. -F. Zhang, and W. Zhang
    Adv. Opt. Mater. 11, 2201996 (2023).
  7. Scientific article 7 The human remains found in 1967 in Axlor: Still not convincingly Neandertals: A reply to Gonzalez-Urquijo et al
    A. Gomez-Olivencia, D. Lopez-Onaindia, N. Sala, A. Balzeau, A. Pantoja-Perez, I. Arganda-Carreras, M. Arlegi, J. Rios-Garaizar, and A. Gomez-Robles
    Am. J. Biol. Anthropol. 180, 245 (2023).
  8. Scientific article 8 J-NEP: 60-band photometry and photometric redshifts for the James Webb Space Telescope North Ecliptic Pole Time-Domain Field
    A. Hernan-Caballero, C. N. A. Willmer, J. Varela, C. Lopez-Sanjuan, A. Marin-Franch, H. V. Ramio, T. Civera, A. Ederoclite, D. Muniesa, J. Cenarro, S. Bonoli, R. Dupke, J. Lim, J. Chaves-Montero, J. Laur, C. Hernandez-Monteagudo, J. A. Fernandez-Ontiveros, A. Fernandez-Soto, L. A. Diaz-Garcia, R. M. G. Delgado, et al.
    Astron. Astrophys. 671, A71 (2023).
  9. Scientific article 9 High-precision abundances of first-population stars in NGC 2808: confirmation of a metallicity spread
    C. Lardo, M. Salaris, S. Cassisi, N. Bastian, A. Mucciarelli, I. Cabrera-Ziri, and E. Dalessandro
    Astron. Astrophys. 669, A19 (2023).
  10. Scientific article 10 JWST PEARLS. Prime Extragalactic Areas for Reionization and Lensing Science: Project Overview and First Results
    R. A. Windhorst, S. H. Cohen, R. A. Jansen, J. Summers, S. Tompkins, C. J. Conselice, S. P. Driver, H. Yan, D. Coe, B. Frye, N. Grogin, A. Koekemoer, M. A. Marshall, R. O'Brien, N. Pirzkal, A. Robotham, R. E. Ryan, C. N. A. Willmer, T. Carleton, J. M. Diego, et al.
    Astron. J. 165, 13 (2023).
  11. Scientific article 11 JWST's PEARLS: Dust Attenuation and Gravitational Lensing in the Backlit-galaxy System VV 191
    W. C. C. Keel, R. A. A. Windhorst, R. A. A. Jansen, S. H. H. Cohen, J. Summers, B. Holwerda, S. T. T. Bradford, C. D. D. Robertson, G. Ferrami, S. Wyithe, H. Yan, C. J. J. Conselice, S. P. P. Driver, A. Robotham, N. A. A. Grogin, C. N. A. Willmer, A. M. M. Koekemoer, B. L. L. Frye, N. P. P. Hathi, R. E. E. Ryan Jr, et al.
    Astron. J. 165, 166 (2023).
  12. Scientific article 12 Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Low-redshift Quasars and Inactive Galaxies Have Similar Neighbors
    M. B. Stone, C. F. Wethers, R. de Propris, J. Kotilainen, N. Acharya, B. W. Holwerda, J. Loveday, and S. Phillipps
    Astrophys. J. 946, 116 (2023).
  13. Scientific article 13 PHANGS-JWST First Results: A Combined HST and JWST Analysis of the Nuclear Star Cluster in NGC 628
    N. Hoyer, F. Pinna, A. W. H. Kamlah, F. Nogueras-Lara, A. Feldmeier-Krause, N. Neumayer, M. C. Sormani, M. Boquien, E. Emsellem, A. C. Seth, R. S. Klessen, T. G. Williams, E. Schinnerer, A. T. Barnes, A. K. Leroy, S. Bonoli, J. M. D. Kruijssen, J. Neumann, P. Sanchez-Blazquez, D. A. Dale, et al.
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 944, L25 (2023).
  14. Scientific article 14 The PHANGS-JWST Treasury Survey: Star Formation, Feedback, and Dust Physics at High Angular Resolution in Nearby GalaxieS
    J. C. Lee, K. M. Sandstrom, A. K. Leroy, D. A. Thilker, E. Schinnerer, E. Rosolowsky, K. L. Larson, O. V. Egorov, T. G. Williams, J. Schmidt, E. Emsellem, G. S. Anand, A. T. Barnes, F. Belfiore, I. Beslic, F. Bigiel, G. A. Blanc, A. D. Bolatto, M. Boquien, J. den Brok, et al.
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 944, L17 (2023).
  15. Scientific article 15 JWST's PEARLS: A JWST/NIRCam View of ALMA Sources
    C. Cheng, J. -S. Huang, I. Smail, H. Yan, S. H. Cohen, R. A. Jansen, R. A. Windhorst, Z. Ma, A. Koekemoer, C. N. A. Willmer, S. P. Willner, J. M. Diego, B. Frye, C. J. Conselice, L. Ferreira, A. Petric, M. Yun, H. B. Gim, M. del C. Polletta, K. J. Duncan, et al.
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 942, L19 (2023).
  16. Scientific article 16 Serendipitous Nebular-phase JWST Imaging of SN Ia SN 2021aefx: Testing the Confinement of Co-56 Decay Energy
    N. M. Chen, M. A. Tucker, N. Hoyer, S. W. Jha, L. A. Kwok, A. K. Leroy, E. Rosolowsky, C. Ashall, G. Anand, F. Bigiel, M. Boquien, C. Burns, D. Dale, J. M. DerKacy, O. V. Egorov, L. Galbany, K. Grasha, H. Hassani, P. Hoeflich, E. Hsiao, et al.
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 944, L28 (2023).
  17. Scientific article 17 Overmassive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies Out to z similar to 0.9 in theVIPERS Survey
    M. Mezcua, M. Siudek, H. Suh, R. Valiante, D. Spinoso, and S. Bonoli
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 943, L5 (2023).
  18. Scientific article 18 Two Lensed Star Candidates at z similar or equal to 4.8 behind the Galaxy Cluster MACS J0647.7+7015
    A. K. Meena, A. Zitrin, Y. Jimenez-Teja, E. Zackrisson, Chen Wenlei , D. Coe, J. M. Diego, P. Dimauro, L. J. Furtak, P. L. Kelly, M. Oguri, B. Welch, A. 'uf Abdurro'uf, F. Andrade-Santos, A. Adamo, R. Bhatawdekar, M. Bradac, L. D. Bradley, T. Broadhurst, C. J. Conselice, et al.
    Astrophys. J. Lett. 944, L6 (2023).
  19. Scientific article 19 Validation of Rapid and Economic Colorimetric Nanoparticle Assay for SARS-CoV-2 RNA Detection in Saliva and Nasopharyngeal Swabs
    M. Armesto, M. Charconnet, J. M. Marimon, C. L. Fernandez Regueiro, J. Jia, T. Yan, A. Sorarrain, M. Grzelczak, M. Sanroman, M. Vicente, B. Klempa, J. Zubiria, Y. Peng, L. Zhang, J. Zhang, and C. H. Lawrie
    Biosensors-Basel 13, 275 (2023).
  20. Scientific article 20 Perspective Catalysis toward metal-based substrates: A new prospect for inorganic chemistry
    F. Lopez-Gallego, and L. Salassa
    Chem. Catalysis 3, 100459 (2023).
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