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Last updated: Apr 11, 2024
  1. Scientific article 181 Efficient near-infrared organic light-emitting diodes with emission from spin doublet excitons
    Hwan-Hee Cho, Sebastian Gorgon, Giacomo Londi, Samuele Giannini, Changsoon Cho, Pratyush Ghosh, Claire Tonnelé, David Casanova, Yoann Olivier, Tomi K. Baikie, Feng Li, David Beljonne, Neil C. Greenham, Richard H. Friend, and Emrys W. Evans
    Nat. Photonics , (2024).
  2. Scientific article 182 Non-trivial quantum geometry and the strength of electron-phonon coupling
    J. Yu, C. J. Ciccarino, R. Bianco, I. Errea, P. Narang, and B. A. Bernevig
    Nat. Phys. , (2024).
  3. Scientific article 183 Bending rigidity, sound propagation and ripples in flat graphene
    U. Aseginolaza, J. Diego, T. Cea, R. Bianco, L. Monacelli, F. Libbi, M. Calandra, A. Bergara, F. Mauri, and I. Errea
    Nat. Phys. , (2024).
  4. Scientific article 184 Magnetically tunable supercurrent in dilute magnetic topologicalinsulator-based Josephson junctions
    P. Mandal, S. Mondal, M. P. Stehno, S. Ilic, F. S. Bergeret, T. M. Klapwijk, C. Gould, and L. W. Molenkamp
    Nat. Phys. 20, 11223 (2024).
  5. Scientific article 185 Correlated order at the tipping point in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5
    C. Guo, G. Wagner, C. Putzke, D. Chen, K. Wang, L. Zhang, M. Gutierrez-Amigo, I. Errea, M. G. Vergniory, C. Felser, M. H. Fischer, T. Neupert, and P. J. W. Moll
    Nat. Phys. 20, 579 (2024).
  6. Scientific article 186 Time in a glass
    B. Ruta, and D. Cangialosi
    Nat. Phys. 20, 544 (2024).
  7. Scientific article 187 Complementary probes for the electrochemical interface
    E. Pastor, Z. Lian, L. Xia, D. Ecija, J. R. Galan-Mascaros, S. Barja, S. Gimenez, J. Arbiol, N. Lopez, and F. P. Garcia de Arquer
    Nat. Rev. Chem. 8, 159 (2024).
  8. Scientific article 188 Flat bands, strange metals and the Kondo effect
    J. G. Checkelsky, B. A. Bernevig, P. Coleman, Q. Si, and S. Paschen
    Nat. Rev. Mater. 9, 509 (2024).
  9. Scientific article 189 Two-dimensional heavy fermions in the van der Waals metal CeSiI
    V. A. Posey, S. Turkel, M. Rezaee, A. Devarakonda, A. K. Kundu, C. S. Ong, M. Thinel, D. G. Chica, R. A. Vitalone, R. Jing, S. Xu, D. R. Needell, E. Meirzadeh, M. L. Feuer, A. Jindal, X. Cui, T. Valla, P. Thunstrom, T. Yilmaz, E. Vescovo, et al.
    Nature 625, 7995 (2024).
  10. Scientific article 190 Deceptive orbital confinement at edges and pores of carbon-based 1D and 2D nanoarchitectures
    Ignacio Piquero-Zulaica, Eduardo Corral-Rascón, Xabier Diaz de Cerio, Alexander Riss, Biao Yang, Aran Garcia-Lekue, Mohammad A. Kher-Elden, Zakaria M. Abd El-Fattah, Shunpei Nobusue, Takahiro Kojima, Knud Seufert, Hiroshi Sakaguchi, Willi Auwärter & Johannes V. Barth
    Nature Communications 15, 1062 (2024).
  11. Scientific article 191 Understanding the bonding and aromaticity of [Au3{C4H4(X)4E}3]- (X = CF3, CN, BO; E = Si, Ge): trinuclear gold superhalogens
    S. Das, S. Sinha, G. Roymahapatra, M. Orozco-Ic, G. C. De, and S. Giri
    New J. Chem. 48, 4765 (2024).
  12. Scientific article 192 Activation of metrologically useful genuine multipartite entanglement
    R. Trenyi, A. Lukacs, P. Horodecki, R. Horodecki, T. Vertesi, and G. Toth
    New J. Phys. 26, 023034 (2024).
  13. Scientific article 193 Nonlinearity vs nonlocality with emphasis on bandwidth broadeningin semiconductor-based 1d metamaterials
    V. Goncharenko, V. M. Silkin, and Y. C. Chang
    Opt. Express 32, 12551 (2024).
  14. Scientific article 194 Dehydration of alcohols catalyzed by copper(II) sulfate: type IIdyotropic reactions and stepwise mechanisms
    J. Sanchez-Quesada, C. Lopez-Cruz, A. de Cozar, A. Arrieta, I. Arrastia, and F. P. Cossio
    Org. Biomol. Chem. 22, 1800 (2024).
  15. Scientific article 195 Learning gaze-aware compositional GAN from limited annotations
    N. Aranjuelo, S. Huang, I. Arganda-Carreras, L. Unzueta, O. Otaegui, H. Pfister, and D. Wei
    P. ACM Comput. Graph. Interact. Tech. 7, 28 (2024).
  16. Scientific article 196 Simulating high-pressure surface reactions with molecular beams
    A. A. Taleb, F. Schiller, D. V. Vyalikh, J. Maria Perez, S. V. Auras, D. Farias, and J. E. Ortega
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 26, 1770 (2024).
  17. Scientific article 197 Unique electronic and optical properties of stacking-modulated bilayer graphene under external magnetic fields
    C. -Y. Lin, D. -W. Weng, C. -W. Chiu, and G. Gumbs
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. , (2024).
  18. Scientific article 198 Dynamic effects on the nonlinear optical properties of donor acceptor stenhouse adducts: insights from combined MD plus QM simulations
    A. Dellai, C. Naim, J. Cerezo, G. Prampolini, and F. Castet
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 26, 13639 (2024).
  19. Scientific article 199 Lead overlayer dynamics on Ni(111)
    S. D. Borisova, S. V. Eremeev, E. V. Chulkov, and G. G. Rusina
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 26, 16184 (2024).
  20. Scientific article 200 The crucial role of transient tri-coordinated oxygen in the flow of silicate melts
    L. Gao, X. Liu, J. Bai, B. Chen, M. Wu, L. Kong, Z. Bai, and W. Li
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 26, 7920 (2024).
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