Machine Learning applications in streaming platforms (Spotify, Netflix)


Roberto Sanchis
Kutxa Fundazioa Plaza, 4th floor Tabakalera, Donostia / San Sebastián
DIPC, Kutxa Fundazioa
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Machine Learning applications in streaming platforms (Spotify, Netflix)

Machine Learning is a discipline of artificial intelligence that through algorithms allows computers to identify patterns in massive data and make predictions without having to be programmed.

Roberto Sanchis will talk about Machine Learning applications in streaming platforms such as Spotify and Netflix. PhD in astrophysics from MIT, he will tell us about his personal journey to become the leader of an organization of Machine Learning, Big Data and systems engineers. In his work they create Machine Learning models and services to ensure that their content recommendations increase user satisfaction in the long run while finding audiences for underrepresented or strategically relevant content.

An unparalleled and enjoyable opportunity to learn about the most current and impactful science and technology. The format of the session will be dynamic; after his talk Roberto will be interviewed by Francesc Monrabal, Ikerbasque researcher in Particle Physics at the DIPC.

This session has been organized by the DIPC, in collaboration with Kutxa Fundazioa, to bring science closer to the general public and students.

Language: Spanish.

Free admission until full capacity is reached.

About the speaker

Roberto Sanchis is Machine Learning director at Spotify. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics from MIT, with publications in the field of Exoplanets. Prior to his current role at Spotify, he was Data Scientist in a startup (Stitchfix) but also in more mature companies (Spotify, Netflix).