Relationship between language, brain and bilingualism


Ihintza Malharin (BCBL)
Aitzol García-Etxarri (DIPC)
San Telmo Museoa, Donostia / San Sebastián
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Relationship between language, brain and bilingualism

It is through the language process that we share our thoughts and create bonds. Although we learn one mother tongue among the 7000 languages in the world, more than half of the world's population will learn a second language in their lifetime, and this number is increasing every year.

Language learning is not new, nor is the study of the brain, but the methods of research and the knowledge gained have changed a lot. Today we have a better understanding of the organisation of language in the brain, we know that bilingualism influences this organisation and we have possibilities to deal with linguistic confusions.

These and other related topics will be addressed by BCBL researcher Ihintza Malharin, who will be interviewed by Ikerbasque researcher Aitzol García-Etxarri, leader of the nanophotonics group at DIPC and co-founder of the Basque Nanoneuro Network.

The activity will be in Basque and is linked to the exhibition Cerebro(s).