From atoms to stars: the Universe according to Pauli

IKUR Quantum Talks

Jan Philip Solovej
San Telmo Museoa, Donostia / San Sebastián
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From atoms to stars: the Universe according to Pauli

The quantum world is full of surprising properties that escape human observation and intuition. However, throughout the 20th century physics has gradually unraveled many of these properties. While Feynman claimed that no one can really understand quantum mechanics, our limitations would not be an impediment to recognizing its direct consequences in the world in which we live. One such fundamental property is directly related to the shape and stability of our universe. It is the Pauli exclusion principle, formulated by the famous Austrian physicist in 1925. This will be our starting point on a journey through the cosmos, transporting us from the tiniest particles to the most gigantic celestial bodies, to explain why the universe is the way it is.

After the talk by the Danish mathematician and physicist Jan Philip Solovej, Arantzazu García Lekue, Ikerbasque researcher at the DIPC will interview him and moderate the colloquium with the audience. Given the boost of quantum technologies and the recent announcement of the installation of a quantum computer at San Sebastian, a mailbox has been set up for the public to ask questions to the guest.

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Language: English, with Basque and Spanish translation service

Note: This talk will be broadcasted by streaming.

About the speaker

Jan Philip Solovej was born June 14, 1961 in Copenhagen Denmark. He received his Phd from Princeton University in 1989. After several postdoctoral positions Jan Philip Solovej became an assistant professor at Princeton University from 1991-1995. From 1995 to 1997 he was a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark and since 1997 a professor at the University of Copenhagen. Professor Solovej has had an ERC Advanced grant from 2013-2018 and currently is the head of a research center for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH) funded by the VILLUM foundation. He was awarded the Henri Poincaré prize from the international association of mathematical physics (IAMP). Professor Solovej has had numerous administrative position and is currently the president of the European Mathematical Society. His research focuses on the structure and stability of quantum matter from atoms to condensed matter systems.