Talk: “The Sensory Exploration of the Universe”

Passion for Knowledge

Dr Amelia Ortiz-Gil
Astronomical Observatory of Valencia
Kutxa Fundazioa Plaza, Tabakalera 4 th floor, Donostia/San Sebastián
DIPC, Kutxa Fundazioa
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Talk: “The Sensory Exploration of the Universe”

Although we are accustomed to a visual perception of the Universe, in this talk we will learn about other ways of perceiving the Cosmos, through hearing, touch, smell and taste. This paradigm shift also allows for the inclusion of people with functional diversity.

About the speaker

Dr Amelia Ortiz-Gil is an astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia. After a professional period dedicated to research, her current activity focuses on the dissemination of astronomy, including people with functional diversity in particular. She has been the representative in Spain of the International Astronomical Union's Office for the Dissemination of Astronomy. She has received numerous awards, such as the "Europlanet" prize for the dissemination of planetary sciences and the "10th José María Savirón award" for her career in science dissemination.