Pedram Roushan: Novel quantum dynamics with superconducting qubits


Pedram Roushan
Google Quantum AI
DIPC Josebe-Olarra Lecture Hall
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Pedram Roushan: Novel quantum dynamics with superconducting qubits
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In recent years, superconducting qubits have emerged as one of the leading platforms for quantum computation and simulation. We utilize these Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) processors to study nonequilibrium quantum dynamics and simulate quantum phases of matter. I will present some of our recent works in studying robustness of bound states of photons [1], measurement-induced quantum information phases [2], braiding of non-Abelian anyons [3], and the universality classes of dynamics in the 1D Heisenberg chain [4]. A goal for this talk is to provide a sense of what NISQ discoveries to anticipate and a time scale for them.

[1] Morvan et al., Nature 612, 240–245 (2022)
[2] Hoke et al., Nature 622, 481–486 (2023)
[3] Andersen et al., Nature 618, 264–269 (2023)
[4] Rosenberg et al.,

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About the speaker

Pedram Roushan received his BS in Physics and Mathematics from University of Pittsburgh in 2005 and his PhD in physics from Princeton University in 2011. During his PhD, he studied metal-insulator phase transitions and performed the first scanning tunneling microscopy of topological insulators. After postdoctoral studies at UC Santa Barbara, he joined Google quantum AI. In 2019 and with this team, they experimentally demonstrated the first algorithm beyond the capability of any classical computer. The current focus of his research is on simulating novel condensed matter and non-equilibrium physics with superconducting quantum processors.

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