Moiré patterns and metamaterials from two dimensional systems

Prof. Francisco Guinea López
DIPC, IMDEA Nanociencia

DIPC seminar room

February, 2020

Stacks of atomically thin systems allow for the formation of periodic structures with lattice lengths significantly larger than lattice constant of the constituent materials, which are typically a few angstroms.

These patterns are due either to the mismatch in the lattice constants of the materials in the stack, or to the relative rotation of neighboring layers in the stack. The lack of defects in many two dimensional materials, especially in graphene, makes possible the observation of novel phenomena related to these new structures.

The series of two 90 minute lectures reviewed the current status of theory and experiments on Moiré superlattices built from two dimensional materials. Emphasis was made on the electronic structure of these systems, and the new phases it leads to.

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