Topological Matter School (TMS2024)


2024/08/19 - 2024/08/23
Miramar Palace, Donostia / San Sebastián
Maia G. Vergniory (DIPC, Max Planck), Reyes Calvo (Universidad de Alicante), Santiago Blanco-Canosa (DIPC, Ikerbasque), Adolfo Grushin (Institut NEEL – CNRS), Alexander Altland (University of Cologne), Julen Ibañez Azpiroz (CFM, Ikerbasque)
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Topological Matter School (TMS2024)

Flat band materials offer a platform for enhancing correlation effects, rendering them an area of significant current interest. They present exceptional opportunities for exploring topology in correlated settings and correlation physics enriched by topology. Recent experiments on correlated kagome metals and moiré systems have unveiled evidence of peculiar behaviors, including strange-metal characteristics, charge density waves, nematic orders, and fractional Chern insulators within flat-band materials. Throughout this school, our objective is to delve into the study of flat bands and these systems, as well as the intriguing physical phenomena they manifest, under the guidance of world-leading experts

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