Light in a hole: Workshop on confining light and molecules


2014/08/18 - 2014/08/19
Donostia International Physics Center, Donostia - San Sebastián
Javier Aizpurua
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Light in a hole: Workshop on confining light and molecules

Dates: 18-19 August 2014


University of Cambridge (UK) Prof. Jeremy Baumberg`s group (6 participants)
University of Cambridge (UK) Prof. Oren Scherman`s group (3 participants)
Imperial College London Prof. Ortwin Hess`s group. (1 participant)
DIPC Prof. Javier Aizpurua`s group (3 participant)


In this workshop, the four groups will meet at the headquarters of DIPC to discuss about ongoing collaborations in the field of optoelectronic networks formed by organometallic nanostructures as a platform to develope enhanced and selective SERS, catalysis, active optical control of modal response, and analyse particle on a mirror configurations, among others.
The workshop will be a unique oportunity to define the priorities and the roadmap of the recently awarded joint project led from Cambridge aiming at controlling and using the confinement of light and molecules in the presence of active and gain media.