Workshop on “Theory for Planar Molecular and Atomic Scale Devices”


2015/01/26 - 2015/01/28
Donostia International Physics Center, Donostia - San Sebastián
Daniel Sánchez-Portal, Mads Engelund, Thomas Frederiksen and Aran García-Lekue
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Workshop on “Theory for Planar Molecular and Atomic Scale Devices”

January 26-28, 2015

The aim of the workshop is to bring together some of the groups working actively on the field (singularly those involved in the European Integrated Fp7 FET project PAMS, contract number 610446).

The explored atomic and molecular devices include dangling bond circuitries, functionalized by coupling with organic molecules, and controlled by remote alteration of molecular states by local band bending. Multibranch polyaromatic logical gates addressed by nanowires will be also explored.

The development of new methodological tools, allowing for a multiscale description (using from first-principles to empirical force-fields) of the structural, electronic and transport properties of such atomic and molecular devices will be also discussed. The aim is that these new theoretical tools will ultimately permit us to optimize the design and synthesis of atomic and molecular gates.


The venue will be at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). DIPC is located within the UPV/EHU campus (“Ibaeta campus”). DIPC is at a walking distance from the hotels we recommend (see below). For more information see:


We have compiled a map with some useful information for your visit to San Sebastian. You can check the location of the suggested hotels, the venue at DIPC, the restaurants where will have lunch and dinner etc...


On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have lunch in Lukas restaurant, 10 min. walking from the meeting room at DIPC.

On Monday morning we will have dinner in the restaurant “La Fabrica”. The restaurant is located in the street Calle del Puerto, 17, 20003 San Sebastián (this is in the old town of San Sebastián, close to the port) you can find more information about the restaurant at, and the location in the online map mentioned above.

On Tuesday we will have dinner in a traditional cider place outside the city (the cider place is called “Sagardotegi Petritegi”. A mini-bus will take us there. The location is also highlighted in our online map.


We have negotiated special rates with two nice hotels (four stars according to Spanish classification) close to the venue of the meeting at DIPC in the UPV/EHU campus.

Both suggested hotels are walking distance (10-15 minutes) from the CFM.

We will handle the reservations, so please fill the document
to indicate which hotel is more convenient for you and whether we should count on you for the dinner on January 26 and the lunch on January 28.

Hotel San Sebastián
82 euros/night (double room single occupation, including breakfast, VAT included)
97 euros/night (double room double occupation, including breakfast, VAT included)
More information at:

Hotel NH Aranzazu
77 euros/night (double room, VAT included) + 14.3 euros/breakfast per person
More info at:
Cheaper accommodation can be found at the student residences nearby the campus (see the map). Tell us if you will prefer one of the student residences in order to check availability.


How to get to Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain

There are three main airports that can be used to reach San Sebastian:

• Bilbao airport (BIO): About 1 hour drive from San Sebastian. An international airport with connections to all major cities in Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Rome,...). The most convenient one for overseas travelers in terms of connections and air fares. A direct shuttle bus running every hour connects Bilbao and San Sebastian for about 17 euros. The bus time table is available at We recommend taking a taxi from the bus station to the hotel, this should relatively inexpensive (10 euros).

• San Sebastian airport (EAS): 30 minutes drive from San Sebastian. A small airport with domestic connections to Madrid and Barcelona. Iberia flies to this airport. Convenient when a connection through Madrid is possible. A taxi connecting the airport and the city should be around 30 euros.

• Biarritz (BIQ): 40 minutes drive from San Sebastian. Air France flies to this airport, and some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair also fly here. Convenient when flying from France or London. Unfortunately, public transportation is rather complicated to connect Biarritz and San Sebastian, so we do not recommend this option.

List of attendees:

1. André Gourdon
2. Ghassen Dridi
3. Omid Faizy
4. Benoit Eydoux
5. Mohamed Hliwa
6. Christian Joachim
7. Xavier Bouju
8. Adam Foster
9. Ville Loukonen,
10. Hugo Pinto
11. Juha Ritala
12. John Tracey
13. Dmitry Ryndyk
14. Andrii Kleshchonok
15. Thomas Lehmann
16. Aran García-Lekue
17. Thomas Frederiksen
18. Mads Engelund
19. Daniel Sánchez-Portal