Workshop MANA - DIPC. “Nanostructures and Complex Functional Materials”


2015/08/27 - 2015/08/28
Donostia International Physics Center, Donostia - San Sebastián
Yutaka Wakayama and Enrique Ortega
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Workshop MANA - DIPC. “Nanostructures and Complex Functional Materials”

27-28 August, 2015, DIPC

Workshop organized within the framework of the collaboration agreement between DIPC and the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) in Japan.

Chairmen are Yutaka Wakayama (MANA) and Enrique Ortega (UPV/EHU, DIPC) 

Scientific Programme

August 27th, Morning

9h00 Presentation: A few words by Prof. Pedro M. Echenique and Prof. Masakazu Aono

Nanophotonics I
Chair: Yury Rakovich

9h15 Tadaaki Nagao: Plasmonic Nanoarchitectonics for Energy Conversion.
9h45 Javier Aizpurua: Quantum effects in the optical response of plasmonic nano-antennas.
10h10 Rainer Hillenbrand: Nanoimaging and manipulation of plasmons in graphene.
10h35 Peter Koval: Ab-initio spectroscopy of large quantum systems.

11h00 Coffee Break

** Formal ceremony of signature of the MoU **

11h15 Prof. Echenique (President of DIPC) and Prof. Aono (Director General of MANA)

Nanophotonics II
Chair: Javier Aizpurua

11h45 Atsushi Kubo: Evolution of surface plasmon wave packets in femtosecond time-domain.
12h15 Yury Rakovich: Enhancement effects in hybrid organic/inorganic nanosystems: from resonant energy transfer to strong coupling.
12h40 Ruben Esteban: Topological insulator systems and strong coupling in light-matter interactions.

13h15 Light Lunch

August 27th, Afternoon

Surfaces and Interfaces I
Chair: Andres Arnau 

14h30 Nacho Pascual: The temperature of a single-molecule junction
14h50 Yoichi Yamada: Molecular-Scale and Macroscopic Properties of Organic Films
15h10 Iñaki Juaristi: Gas-Surface Dynamics Simulations
15h30 Yutaka Wakayama: STM study on solid-state reactions in binary molecular assemblies
15h50 Remi Petuya: Bipolar conductance switching of anthraditionphene molecules
16h10 Seunjun Oh: Characterization and engineering of hybrid polymer-oxide semiconductor heterointerface
16h30 Guillaume Vasseur: Full one-dimensional band dispersion in polymeric nanowires

16h50 Coffee break

Surfaces and Interfaces II
Chair: Enrique Ortega

17h15 Daniel Sánchez-Portal: Semiconductor Surfaces: modelling from first principles
17h35 Takahiro Nagata: Crystallographic polarity effect of oxide on π conjugated system
17h55 Duncan Mowbray: GW and BSE at the Interface: H2O, CH3OH, and Catechol on TiO2
18h15 Tomoko Shimizu: Imaging Three-dimensional Surface Objects with Submolecular Resolution by Atomic Force Microscopy
18h35 Emilio Artacho: Theoretical approaches to electrons in oxide surfaces
18h55 Yoshiyuki Yamashita: Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Characterization of Advanced Materials
19h15 Celia Rogero: On the interfacial properties of solar cells

August 28th, Morning

Transport in Nanostructures I
Chair: Sebastian Bergeret

8h00 Masakuzu Aono: Observing the transport of electrons, polarons and ions at the nanometer scale
8h30 Thomas Frederiksen: First-principles simulations of transport in nanoelectronics
8h45 Aran Garcia-Lekue: Structural, electronic and transport properties of graphene nanostructures
9h00 Ion Errea: Vibrational and superconducting properties of transition metal dichalcogenides from first-principles
9h15 Dario Bercioux: Scattering Properties of Defected Carbon-Nanotubes
9h30 Miguel Cazalilla: Spin Hall Effects in Graphene and Two-Dimensional Materials

9h50 Coffee Break

Transport in Nanostructures II
Chair: Thomas Frederiksen

10h15 Takashi Uchihashi: Surface Superconductors on Silicon: Atomic-Step Josephson Junctions and Molecular Hybrid Materials
10h45 Sebastian Bergeret: Spin-dependent transport in superconducting hybrid structures
11h05 Misha Otrokov: Magnetic interactions at Ferromagnets/Topological Insulators interfaces

August 28th, Afternoon

“Txakoli” Vineyard and village of Getaria
Chairs: Fernando Chueca and Enrique Ortega

11h30 Bus departing from DIPC to Txomin Etxaniz "txakoli" winery in Getaria.
14h00 Lunch at restaurant Balearri  in Getaria.
16h30 -18h30 Guided Visit to the historical village of Getaria: gothic church and old fishermen town, accompanied with historical remarks by Fernando Chueca, member of the Royal Society of Basque Country Friends.


Download here Programme and Abstracts